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3D product twins

We help your company realize the next step in digital e-commerce by creating high quality digital twins of your products. 

By providing an automated scan service, we create 3D models that are fit to use in marketing, VR, AR, holograms and that serve as a masterfile within your asset collection. 

We specifically choose to offer our 3D scanning as a service solution. Meaning that you as a customer have nothing to worry about. 

You don’t have to buy your own 3D scanner, you just pay for the number of 3D models you desire and have our help and expertise at your disposal whenever you need it. The high quality of our output is what makes us passionate about our work.

As a customer our service gives you three important advantages:

 We’re always in Beta

The automated 3D scan market is not done innovating yet. This means that every 3D scanner you currently buy will be outdated quickly. We therefore lease our scan solution and will keep innovating and implementing new updates during the service contract without additional cost.

No headache along the way

During the entire contract period our quality and service is guaranteed. This means a tremendous ease of use. You are guaranteed (1) a 3D scansolution that can handle your requested amount of items (2) on a location that best fits your workflow (3) the quality of automatically (as much as possible) created 3D scans that fits your need and (4) we offer full service and support without additional cost.

The more you use, the cheaper it gets

The more scans you make within our service, the cheaper it gets per item. Our service starts at € 100,- per 3D scan* and can go down to € 30 per 3D scan**.



Visual FX done by Giso Spijkerman


3D Scanning As A Service

We offer the possibility to do a pilot. This can be done in two ways

Our location

When we do a pilot at our location in Amsterdam, we propose to start small with just a couple of products. The items need to be transported to our studio and will be scanned in one go. Depending on the product and if the products can be scanned automatically prices start around € 100,- (excl. VAT) per 3D model.

On site

A pilot on a location of choice, we need to set up a 3D scan solution on site. For a pilot we will use our pilot 3D scanner. A pilot on location starts from a minimal of € 100.000,- (excl. VAT, shipping & travel expenses). Depending on the product and if the products can be scanned automatically you’ll get a maximum of 1000 digital twins (3D models of your product).

Would you like to know more? Do you have a specific question? Not sure if your product is suitable for 3D scanning? Contact us for free advice.

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Esther has 12 years of experience with how to grow a Digital Agency. She started as trainee in a company with 18 employees and left as director and shareholder of a company with 65 employees & an extra location abroad.



Rudo studied Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing at the Rotterdam School of management. He started his career as consultant for entrepreneurs before starting his own company: Th3rd.



Tristan has 20 years of experience in the field of computer generated graphics and is one of the pioneers with the scan technique photogrammetry.

He founded Th3rd to create photorealistic 3D content.

Mail: th3rd@th3rd.nl Tel: +31 (0) 624 812 410